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“I really enjoyed reading this. I couldn't stop and I didn't want it to end! ... I was so immersed in the story I felt a part of it! Brilliant!!” ... Debbie Mayton

“I must say that you are by far the best new story teller I have heard. Your ability to put yourself into the mind space of each of these different cryptids and tell their stories, as if you were them, it makes the reader feel as though they were right there with you.” ... Rebecca Sherman

“Highly suspenseful and hard to stop reading. It keeps you wanting more.” ... Brian McCoy

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A Juvenile Bigfoot rapidly learning about the world around him has his innate curiosity triggered when he sees Hairless Ones for the first time. A chance meeting with a strange boy in a wheeled chair intrigues him, causing much concern to his ever-watchful parents.
He strives to master Stillness, the most vital skill of his kind... as he learns the world he was born into is a very dangerous place indeed. Will his curiosity at these strange beings lead him to discovery? ... or disaster?

“The best sasquatch fiction I've come across to date. Look forward to future books in the series. Highly recommended this book” ... Jon, Verified Amazon Reader

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100% 5 STAR Reviews